Understanding the Concept of Search Arbitrage

In today’s world there are many ways for Companies and individuals to make money online. One of the ways is Search Arbitrage. Its main work is selling traffic to other search feed providers. Also it involves the use of paid search advertising for the purpose of generating revenue and profits. Search Arbitrage has become a very popular way and widely used stage for many companies and individuals. In today’s article we will look at what it is and how it works actually.

What is Search Arbitrage Actually?

Search Arbitrage is a way of practising and using paid search advertising campaigns to drive traffic towards websites that have pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Additionally we are also able to see it works to rank in more than one search engine such as Google, Yahoo and many more for some keywords. Also by using this thing, people get directions to visit various web pages and find expensive, important keywords.

How does it work

Search Arbitrage works by targeting high traffic, low competition keywords and phrases that have a high costperclick rate. After that, the advertiser creates some ads that mainly target these types of keywords. In addition they bid on the ads through search engines like Google AdWords and Bing Ads. When a user clicks on the Ad, they are directed to a landing page or website containing PPC Ads. If the user clicks on those ads, the website owners earn revenue from the advertisers. We can describe the total scenario by giving an example of search arbitrage. 

Assume that Mr.Thiksana, A freelancer from Sri Lanka uses Search Arbitrager to earn money. What will be his procedures for working with Search Arbitrageurs? At the very beginning he keeps his bidding for the keywords and maintains his position in the search advertisements. By doing that, if he achieves his desired position, then he will redirect his audiences to other websites by clicking. Also he will try to pay less for buying all the keywords so that he can earn more revenue from these. And that’s all. These are the main ways of using Search Arbitrage. Some popular Search Arbitrages are Keepa, Tactical Arbitrage Etc.

Examples of Search Arbitrage

Let us start with a story to explain the Search Arbitrage. Suppose there is a search Affiliate marketers name Mr. Max. He promotes a weight loss supplement. So he purchased ads on Google for keywords like “Weight Loss”, “Lose Weight Fast”, “Best Weight Loss Supplement” and many more. When someone clicks on their ad, they are redirected to a landing page which promotes weight loss supplements. If any visitor buys any kind of weight Loss Supplements, they will get benefits and commissions by it or earn per click.

If we talk about Search Arbitrage examples, one of the most popular examples of it is the use of content publishers. This refers to individuals who create and publish informative articles, blogs, and reviews on a variety of topics. They use search arbitrage to engage more traffic to their sites. If they are able to do that, they will earn revenue from the clicks ads placed on their sites.

Also Affiliate marketers use Search Arbitrage to earn revenue from every sale. They use it to send traffic to affiliate offers. So we can say they mainly use it to increase their sales. They purchase various ads on search engines for many keywords which are closely related to the products of their businesses. By doing this thing they can easily engage themselves with their targeted audience. Also they can redirect all the traffic to a specific landing page which can convert visitors into customers. If these customers make a purchase, the affiliate marketer will earn commissions, which are basically their earnings.

What kind of Traffic Can I use for Search Arbitrage?

To maintain and run a profitable search arbitrage campaign, users need to understand the different types of traffic available and which one will suit your model. So it is very important to know the perfect and suitable traffic for your work model. Here are examples of various types of traffic models anyone can use for search Arbitrage.

  • Search Engine Traffic: It is one of the most organic and natural types of traffic available. Mainly all of this traffic comes from the users that browse the web, searching specific keywords which are related to your content. Also Google and other search engines rank websites according to their relevance to specific keywords. So if your website and contents are highly related then it will go up to the search engine results page or SERP.
  • Social Media Traffic: Social Media is also a strong and perfect way to drive your traffic. Also in search arbitrage it creates a huge impact. Now people love to share their content on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage people towards your website. If you create engaging content and attract an audience, you will get a huge number of traffic to your website
  • Display Advertising Traffic: People always love to read or hear the main ideas of your business, content or anything within a short time. If they get attracted by that, they will surely read or use your site. One of the best ways to engage people towards your website and get traffic is to display advertising traffic. One of the best Display Advertising examples is Placing Banner ads. By displaying ads on the banner anyone can drive a huge number of visitors to their website very quickly.
  • Native Advertising Traffic: Native Advertising is another great way to attract traffic towards your website. Mainly it matches the form and functions of the platform on which the site appears. It is a Subtle and non-intrusive kind of advertising. And these processes are able to attract people to your website. Mainly they are placed on blogs, news websites and other websites which are very much similar to your niche and keywords.
  • Email Marketing Traffic: It is actually a targeted traffic option. In this some promotional mail will be sent to targeted customers who are already interested in your content, blogs or product.

Keyword Niches for Search Arbitrage

  • Insurance
  • Online Education
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Legal
  • Internet and Telecoms

Factors to Consider While Keyword Selection for Search Arbitrage

  • High CPC
  • Low Competition
  • High Search Value
  • User Intent

Tools for Keyword Research for Search Arbitrage

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Arbitrage


One of the main advantages of search arbitrage is it always allows website owners to monetize all of their traffic easily and perfectly. Also they can earn a lot of revenue by buying traffic at a lower cost and earn more than it by redirecting it. In addition search arbitrage is always scalable. It means website owners can purchase more traffic if their profits match their expectations. Also search arbitrage can be used to test different types of keywords and landing pages. So website owners can buy different kinds of traffic which one provides better revenues. Though purchasing traffic is prohibited by many search engines, it is also a great way to earn revenues easily.


The Main Disadvantage of Search Arbitrage is, it is not a legal thing to use and earn revenue. Because most search engines prohibit traffic purchasing and redirecting it to another page. Also if any website gets caught doing this, they may be banned from the search engine too.

Another disadvantage of search arbitrage is finding profitable keywords. The main reason behind it is, there’s only so much traffic you can make money from.

Future of Search Arbitrage

The Future of Search Arbitrage is very promising because of some facts. One of them is the amazing growth of the Digital Economy. But there are some challenges Search Arbitrage will face in the near future. One of them is growing competition in the market. As technology develops day by day, advertisers find new and developed ways to reach their target audience. So competition for keywords will grow more in future. 

In addition, Search Arbitrage will face the effect of increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms. As technology improves, search engines will be able to find out fake clicks which will create problems for search arbitrage to earn revenue.

But it is also true that, every day millions of people come to the internet to search for their product. That’s the main reason the importance of keywords will remain the same and search arbitrage will be able to earn more revenues in future. Also technologies will also help search for arbitrage to fight their competition.


At last we can say that search arbitrage is a concept that has proven to be a highly effective monetization strategy. Despite all the risks and challenges involved, this thing is bound to remain prevalent within the digital advertising world. So everyone should be vigilant in adapting to the ever changing digital landscape to continue to benefit from this Search Arbitrage thing.

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