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Features of Increase Website Traffic

By ordering Buy Website visitors in Web3buddy, You get these options:

Set Time on site

You can set the Time on-site with your panel by Web3buddy and improve your Google rank. It is possible to select Time on site for up to 10 min.

Set Pageviews per Visitor

The users may see more than one page on your website. You can choose the Subpage option and determine that each user visits up to 10 times from your website.

Decrease Bounce Rate

You can decrease your website's bounce rate by choosing to visit from your website's subpages. The website traffic provided at Web3buddy can reduce your website Bounce rate to zero.

Improve Website Ranking

One of the most critical parameters of the Google rank is the number of websites traffic. By increasing site visits, you can recognize this effect on your website ranking on Google and improve your website position in the short term.

Choosing a favorite platform

You can adjust your traffic platform in the presented system and specify how many visits are done by mobile phone or desktop computer. TrafficVai provides for you to do that.

Live statistical display

Live statistical display of this website provides this possibility to boost orders of buy website traffic so that they can observe their traffic statistic momentary.


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We offer professional increase website hits services that help websites increase their website traffic drastically to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.
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